Bride Traditions in Poland

A standard Polish marriage used to be a three or perhaps four evening event. Generally, it was held outside in backyards, woodland and stables. They were a celebration of life and the wealth of dynamics. Now, however, many couples choose to forgo the cathedral and just include a ceremony in their residence or backyard with close family and friends. They also enjoy the tremendous foods, audio and liquor but it’s not quite what it once was.

On the day of the marriage, just before midnight ( or around it if a one- morning ceremony), comes the common service known as «oczepiny», the opening of the bride. At this point, the veil is removed and she dons her czepek polish mail order bride–a helmet worn by Polish angels to symbolize their status as hitched people. This is also when the extended tresses are unbraided and cut brief, as a symbol of her shift from heroine to woman.

As the few leave the church, guests wash them with coins and particles, to offer them luck and prosperity. They therefore change into their bash clothing. It is also conventional to put smaller, rounded coins into the couple’s scalp– whoever collects the most will remain in charge of their finances.

The group begins, and you’ll find a lot of dancing going on. Poles assume that this reduces the side effects of too much consuming. There will be a lot of foods also, including lots of different types of cakes, pastries and ice cream.


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