What is IT Help Desk, Job Description, Certifications and Salary?

Support personnel with deep knowledge of the product or service, but not necessarily the engineers or programmers who designed and created the product. No matter your title, if you’re working in a service desk or help desk environment, you’re serving as the first, perhaps only, point of contact between an end user and your company. Getting started as a help desk professional can be as easy as earning a foundational IT certification. Take a few minutes to learn more about how to become a help desk technician, and check out the CompTIA A+ certification, your gateway into an entry-level IT position.

  • Because of this, it’s critical that help desk technicians possess specific qualities.
  • Desktop engineers play a crucial role in maintaining the security and compliance of an organization’s IT infrastructure.
  • Depending on what you sell, your reputation and customer retention may depend on the effectiveness of you help desk.
  • As a desktop engineer, you are responsible for ensuring that desktops are installed, configured and maintained to meet the needs of your organization.

Customer service supervisors help to oversee junior customer service representatives. A supervisor helps to choose and interview potential customer service candidates. The CCO works with the executive team to develop ways to improve customer experience. Tata Consultancy Services is the most highly rated company for job security and advancement. They offer a good work/life balance, compensation and benefits that are excellent, and the management is top-notch.

Qualities Every Help Desk Technician Should Have

In addition, you will need to be well-versed in English writing and communication. They will rely on you to provide timely and accurate solutions to their technical problems. To be qualified for this role, you should hold a degree in a relevant field, like Computer Science, IT or Software Engineering. If you’re naturally a helper, enjoy assisting people with computer issues and are able to explain technical details simply, we’d like to meet you.

help desk engineer roles and responsibilities

Hiring a Desktop Engineer can result in significant cost savings for an organization. Tech problems that go unresolved increase the chances of a recurring problem, which can be costly in the long run. Furthermore, timely updates can reduce the potential for system crashes and data loss, which can be expensive to recover.

Help desk engineer vs. Desk support technician

They may work for large corporations, government agencies, or small businesses. They typically work during regular business hours, but they may be required to work evenings, weekends, and holidays to meet the needs of their employer. Service desk engineers may be required to travel to different locations to provide support to customers or to attend training sessions. They may also be required to work overtime to meet deadlines or to resolve critical issues. If you are looking to hire a desktop engineer or support engineer, it’s important to have a clear understanding of what skills and abilities are essential for success in the role.

In a help desk job, you are responsible for connecting with customers, understanding their experience with your company, and getting to know the product inside and out. This requires a certain mix of skills, values, and personal characteristics that make the job interesting and rewarding. A help desk is typically focused on handling incidents, while help desk engineer a service desk is more focused on helping customers with service requests and information. This increase in responsibility also allows professionals to learn new technologies and work with a greater variety of clients. A Desktop Support Specialist is focused on troubleshooting different software packages, hardware devices, and other peripherals.

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